(The above photo shows our home in 1966 and 2016)

From the time I was a little girl I can remember riding in the backseat of my families car and when we would drive by a big old house I would say, 'I am going to have me a big old house when I grow up!' My Momma would always turn to me and say, 'you better get a good job.!'

As the years past and I grew older my dream never changed, I wanted to own a big old house. I worked hard and stayed focused on my dream and it finally came true in July of 2016, I bought my big old house.! 

Our home was built in 1900 on a Hill Top in the mountains of East Tennessee. I have loved learning about the history of our home since moving in. 

  • The home was built in 1900 and situated on 32 acres.
  • There once was a mill on the property, locals would bring their grain and grind it up in the mill.
  • There was small school house that was situated close to the home that was closed down and the wood from that school house was used in building our home. 
  • The many acres around the home have been used for many purposes throughout the years including growing tobacco.
  • The same family has passed the home down throughout the years, we are the first non-family members to own the home. 

When I stumbled (or should I say 'my husband' stumbled upon the house) on Zillow he said, 'come here you are gonna want to see this.!' I couldn't believe my eyes, and it was in our price range.!! BUT the house was located 3 hours away from us, I couldn't jump in my vehicle and drive out to checkout the house that very moment (which I wanted to do SO badly). We called and setup a time to drive out and see the home a few days later..

As our GPS told us we where nearing our destination, I looked out to see up on the hill this beautiful home.

I was mesmerized, it was a good thing I was not driving because I would have been in the ditch. Pulling up the driveway I couldn't believe this home could possibly be all mine (fingers crossed) someday.

As we stepped out of the vehicle and did a simple walk around the outside of the house, I stood on the porch looked out at the mountains and knew I wanted this house before I had even saw the inside.

Our 1900 Farmhouse is a fixer upper. For the age of the home (at the time 116 years old) it was in very good condition. In need of some updating and a little TLC, but I did not care I was drawn to this house from the moment I laid my eyes on it. 

Since closing on our home in July 2016 We have remodeled the laundry room and 2 bedrooms upstairs. Stay tuned.! I will be posting our first bedroom remodel very soon with links of where to buy, and believe me you wont want to miss this transformation.! (Teaser original SHIPLAP.!)